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SMS Mobile Promotions

SMS messaging puts your business in the palm of your audience

For many businesses, the mobile phone offers exciting opportunities to improve customer service and satisfaction. Mobile phone communication can offer some big benefits, such as, local entertainment businesses can use text to advertise special events and retailers can text details of sales or vouchers to entice shoppers.

Texting customers on their mobile phones can be part of a better, more personal service. Direct customers to your nearest branch, advertise special offers on your website, or simply use as an information service. With the right timing, this sort of targeting is invaluable and sending details of promotions and events can really boost business. The majority of mobile users rarely leave home without their device and according to research, text messages are read within five seconds; meaning your business is able to connect with your audience, wherever they may be and puts your company in the very palm of your audience.

Innovation through mobile communication

Our cloud-based mobile engagement platform is perfect for creating interactive marketing campaigns, running promotions or for information. Campaigns can be created quickly and intuitively and is the latest way to communicate with your customers to drive revenue and loyalty. Improve interactions with your customers and target individuals through customised messaging. Track, analyse and report on each campaign ROI in real-time, allowing you to fully embrace the power of mobile as a multi-channel tool.

Creating campaigns or information messages is simple and does not require any programming skills. Our platform takes the user experience to the next level by incorporating imagery, video and audio into your mobile communications which can dramatically reduce the time and costs normally associated with creating a mobile web presence for your business. The mobile page builder application is a comprehensive mobile web page building tool that allows you to design, edit and publish beautiful, mobile rendered landing pages in minutes. Create an engaging or informative message in SMS which can include a link to a mobile-friendly web page for more detailed information about your message. The reporting functionality then allows you to manage and measure your communication activity and provides vital information for you to make customer driven decisions.


- Contact recipients anywhere
- Implement bulk SMS campaigns
- Calendar to schedule SMS campaigns
- Track real-time data on your campaigns
- Design and store templates
- No programming required


- Run competitions
- Generate donations
- Cross sell and up sell
- Track real-time data on your campaigns
- Design and store templates
- No programming required