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Disaster Recovery

If something goes wrong, who will fix it?

Business data is one of the most valuable assets to a business, such as client records, proposals, invoices, contracts, presentations and emails are vital to any business. Losing data as a result of fire, theft, virus, mechanical failure, human error or any other reason can cause major disruption and destroy a business credibility and reputation. Some key questions to think about in advance of an unforeseen situation are; are backups conducted frequently enough? Who in the company is responsible for making sure it happens? Will the restore actually work when it's needed?

However, loss of data isn’t the only scenario to consider. A business disaster involving telecoms is a very real possibility and should not be overlooked. If customers rely on your phone lines to make a purchase, speak to customer services or make account payments; a drop in service could also have a severe impact on a business. Research has shown that reputational damage, loss of capital and customer detriment issues were some of the major concerns following a drop in service. Having calls re-routed to any active phone line and providing staff with remote access to computer systems allows business to continue as normal, customers remain happy and are unaware there is even an issue.

Be prepared for the worst and protect your business

Telecoms World’s Disaster Recovery services range from a simple and easy number change via either our support team or online portal, to hosting your data, automatic recovery and number diverting solutions. Have calls re-routed to any active phone line; landlines or mobile phones easily and provide yourself and staff with remote access to computer systems, allowing you to work from the comfort of home with customers remaining happy and never knowing there is an issue.

Telecoms World Online backup provides a simple, automated yet secure method to protect your critical business data. With our online service you can store documents, spreadsheets, presentations or emails in your backup schedule or you can backup up an entire exchange server or SQL database. Our online backup service encrypts your data before it leaves your server and the data stays encrypted when stored on our servers. If you are required to perform a restore, the data is copied back to your server and then decrypted, this ensures the highest level of security is maintained at all times. The software is very flexible, allowing either backup at folder level or you can select individual files. Data is hosted in multiple locations to prevent any information being lost and to give you the best possible service (and peace of mind). Our Cloud service is installed by professionals and is utilised by thousands of UK businesses.


- Off-site storage and data encryption
- Re-route calls through online portal
- Log-in from remote / external locations
- Adaptable plans available


- Peace of Mind
- 24x7 monitoring and support system
- No additional hardware required
- Cost effective