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If you process payments, then this affects you.

If your business has a Merchant ID and process, stores or transmits credit card information, you must maintain a secure environment for that data. (PCI) the Payment Card Industry and, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) were launched in 2006 to manage the ongoing evolution of security standards, focusing on improving payment account security throughout the transaction process.

Businesses need to be compliant with PCI DSS regulations not to store any sensitive authentication data including card security codes after authorisation, even if encrypted. The consequences of not being PCI compliant could cost up to £10,000 which is levied by banks and credit card institutions. So by creating a secure environment over the phone where callers can disclose their bank details without that data ever becoming visible to an operator, should be regarded as a top priority for any organisation.

The Simple Way for Your Business to Become PCI Compliant

The Telecoms World Compliant Cloud makes things simple. Creating a secure environment over the phone and allowing customers to disclose their bank details securely, without data ever becoming visible staff, or passed through company hardware. Simply transfer a caller to the Compliant Cloud and, once the call is in the secure environment, the caller is passed back to you. Now the caller can tap in their payment details through their phone with the data being encrypted, then only a notification of completion is made visible to the operator. Once the transaction is complete, funds are sent directly to your allotted account without ever passing through your company’s hardware or being visible to staff.

Avoid security problems with your business and ensure your employees and systems are up to date on the latest threats. If you experience a data breach, it doesn’t just lose you time and money recovering that information, it loses public trust and it could lose customers who refuse to use your services again.


- Secure payments
- Encrypted data
- Easy integration
- Prevent additional service fees


- Simply works with your current system
- No need to replace hardware
- Easy process for phone payments
- Extremely cost-effect solution