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‍Which telecom solutions can my businesses use to operate from home?

March 18, 2020
Alfie McNamara

With a considerable increase in enquiries for home-working telecoms solutions, our specialists are helping a high number of organisations ensure that client calls get answered and staff can communicate easily between each other.

Below is an outline of the typical questions currently being asked and the answers regarding our home working telephony solutions.  

Which telecom solutions can my businesses use to operate from home?

"I want my staff to continue answering their calls while they work from home. Which solution do you recommend?"

"We can certainly help with home-working solutions. The options will depend on how many workers you have, and the level of functionality required, i.e. Call Recording, Call Analytics, Conferencing, Video Calling, File sharing."

"There are three types of hosted voice solutions that we offer which vary based on the features required and the way that you and your staff handle incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, there are several ways that the agent/users can use the solutions. Either on a mobile application for iOS and Android devices, a soft-client (an application that enables voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls from computing devices) installed onto a PC or Mac desktop (with a headphone headset attached) or a desk phone provisioned by our team and delivered to a home address."

Businesses have also been asking: "How do I get our current business number answered by our home working staff?"

  "If you have an existing number with Telecoms World, we can ensure that Call Routing is configured correctly on your account for your main number. You can choose up to 4 numbers to divert calls to and choose which order they ring through to. There are then further options that can be configured for making outbound calls from a mobile and presenting your business number instead of the mobile number.”

"If you require more advanced functionality, such as calls ringing simultaneously on each phone or if you’re business number is with another provider, we can still help! You will be able to contact your existing phone line provider and request a 'Smart Divert' on your business number, to a newly provided number within our hosted voice solution. Once the hosted voice solution is configured and the new telephone number is built into the system; you can control how incoming calls are delivered to staff. Either a hunt group (specifying the order of how calls are delivered to agents), or simultaneous ringing. The 'Smart Divert' on your existing business number can be implemented within minutes."

Final, crucial question: "How long does it take to set up this type of hosted voice solution?"

"If you are going to operate using the mobile application or desktop soft-client, we typically quote two working days to provision this home-working solution. Homeworkers that require a desk phone take up to five working days as handsets are configured by our provisioning team, tested and then dispatched to a chosen address. For Call Routing and business number presentation options from a mobile, these can generally be configured for your business on the same day."

For further information on our home-working telecoms solutions, for all size of business, please call our specialists Alfie or Aaron to discuss your requirements on freephone 0800 774 7772