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What is Unified Communications?

October 8, 2019
Neil Barrall

Summary: Our article looks at what Unified Communications is and how it can provide a seamless user experience to help businesses and staff work together more successfully, anywhere, on any device

In recent times, businesses have become more mobile, with employees, clients and partners being spread all over the country and even the world!

Therefore, organisations need to implement various communication solutions to facilitate an effortless collaboration of their team; whatever platform, system or device they’re using. One approach, and certainly the most successful collaboration tool that businesses are considering is Unified Communications (UC). With the best platform for such a solution being the internet, which offers low-cost or free calls through IP-telephony systems.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is simply integrated forms of communications


What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is simply integrated forms of communications, in order to optimise business processes in 1 easy-to-use platform. UC&C allows a business to unify everyday tools with real-time communications such as, instant messaging, VoIP phone system, enhanced call control and video conferencing, with non-real time communications such as, email, integrated voicemail, SMS and fax.

Bringing telecoms and business data together like this, allows businesses to combine voice, data and video as part of their business applications, fundamentally saving time and money.

Unified Communications generally consist of a set of products that are combined over a single interface, accessed on multiple devices and media types wherever there is internet connection. Many businesses already use different components of UC&C like VoIP, chat, and video conferencing, but by combining these into a single solution and integrating them with other business processes, can really support and empower staff to work wherever they are. In-turn improving success and enjoying business growth, whilst saving money.

What are the Benefits of UC&C?

Faster Communications

Enhance communication with the ability to combine and use voice, data and video information in business applications between any internal and external users.

User Friendliness

Entire instant messaging streams, faxes, emails, phone calls or video-conference sessions can be saved and forwarded as chunks of data, eliminating the need to check countless platforms. Making the user experience much more pleasant for all employees.


UC&C software can encrypt all data sent over the network, keeping sensitive information secure which is especially useful in avoiding any information ending up in the wrong hands.

Reduce Costs

True Unified Communication platforms are completely scalable and future-proof. With so many features combined in one package; operating costs are considerably reduced.

Advanced Telecommunications

Advanced telephony functions such as short-code number dialling, removing the need use full dialling codes and extremely useful for businesses operating across different

Single Caller Interface

Call forwarding functionality allows calls to come through on different types of devices, and to any hunt groups. Incoming calls can be forwarded to an idle extension in a department with a choice device rings, in which the desk phone, desktop and mobile can ring simultaneously, no matter where they are.

There’ a lot to consider before choosing and implementing a Unified Communications system. A decision that can save a lot of money, dramatically improve processes between staff and clients, and aid business growth. UC&C provides a seamless user experience to help people work together more successfully, anywhere, on any device, bringing all forms of communication from a phone system and conferencing solutions together with messaging and chat.

If you would like to know more about Unified Communications and the services that Telecoms World can provide to help your business achieve seamless collaboration for your business.
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