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Long-term investment in full-fibre broadband

July 26, 2018

A recent report from Ofcom sets out how they plan to reform the way they carry out competition assessments in telecoms markets, to further support network investments in the long term. They also explain the issues they will consider when managing the transition from copper to fibre networks over the coming years.

Connectivity investment

Full-fibre broadband will be increasingly important to people and businesses, as they demand more from their communications services over the coming decade and beyond. Full-fibre networks will also play an important role in the deployment of new 5G mobile services, which are intended to deliver faster speeds and increased capacity for mobile users – as well as paving the way for innovative new applications.

In February 2016, Ofcom published its Strategic Review of Digital Communications. The review set out our strategy for regulating communications markets through to 2026. It represented a major strategic shift to incentivising more investment in full-fibre networks. Since then we have seen a number of companies commit to investing in full fibre.

This investment could
have a transformative effect on the market, and will need to be supported by consistent,
predictable regulation over a number of years.

sets out how regulation will evolve in the coming years, under our existing
competition and investment strategy.

*Story acquired from Ofcom News (

With the replacement of Openreach's existing PSTN and
ISDN network by 2025 and switching to a single IP network; the Government and Ofcom have outlined their
commitment to speed up the delivery of
across the UK. So,
this is the perfect time to discuss the
advancing technologies available to your business data and telecoms.

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