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Running a Business from your Mobile

June 26, 2018
Charlotte Devoir

A growing number of business owners and sales personnel are using their mobile phones to make and receive business calls. This is an easy and convenient way to make calls when you’re on the move, but it doesn’t portray a professional image to your caller when a mobile number appears on their phone, or when the call is answered without a formal business introduction.

There are two features available, Call Whisper and TW Dial Out App, which go hand-in-hand to benefit small businesses who use a mobile phone to conduct their business. These features can turn your mobile into your work phone system in 4 simple steps.

1.    Choose your business number

You can choose any business phone number from geographical 01/02 Numbers to non-geographic 08/03 Numbers. You can even have multiple business numbers routed to 1 mobile. Search which type of business phone number is best for you.

Call Whisper

2.    Answer Business Calls with Call Whisper

Using a mobile as your business phone makes it hard to determine if an incoming call is business or personal related. With Call Whisper, upon answering a phone call, an announcement message is whispered in your ear to let you know if the call is business related. This allows you to answer the phone professionally with "Thank you for calling [Company]" to make the perfect impression. This is handy if you have multiple businesses or if you would like to find out more about a caller’s enquiry before you answer it, for example, the whisper could tell you, “this is a business call” or “this is an accounts enquiry”.

Dial out application

3.    Make Business Calls using the TW Dial Out App

It’s easy to choose a business number and divert all calls to your mobile phone but, what about when you want to call a customer back? It’s likely you don’t want to give out your personal number and want to project a professional image to your callers. The TW Dial Out App allows you to make business calls from your mobile phone but displays your business number instead of your mobile number.

4. Set up is simple

Instantly start placing calls to clients without ever displaying your mobile phone number. The TW Dial Out App allows you to take your business anywhere. There’s no need to be in the office; keep your business running while on the road.

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