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It’s a snow day! Is your business prepared?

February 28, 2018
Nicola Amis

With snow, the list could be endless as to what issues may affect the daily functioning of your business. Staff might be unable to get in or you’ve made the call to tell them not to risk it! However, this could mean less staff available to answer calls, leading to calls on hold for too long and then clients potentially giving up and taking their business elsewhere!

We are all too familiar with severe weather, where typically, Britain is unprepared and chaos ensues on the roads and public
transport. Have you thought about a plan B or plan C should you encounter any issues?

Amazing snow day

There are a range of call options which are saved instantly through the online account area and active in seconds;
managing your incoming calls has never been easier.

Consider these top tips to prepare your staff and keep business operational as normal:

  • Out of the office doesn’t mean on an island. If your business is set to close, be sure to let everyone know. Ensure that a plan is in place with someone designated to update everyone so that all staff and clients aware of the closure in good time. 

  • Also, communicate how and when you want your team to stay in touch while working from home.

  • Can any of your employees work from home? Cloud hosted telephony means your staff can run calls over a VoIP mobile app and, with a stable internet connection, they can keep in touch with clients and continue with day to day business as if nothing has changed. 

  • Making business calls over a mobile phone or VoIP app are common practice, with the functionality to divert office/shop calls to a single or multiple chosen landline and mobile numbers.

If your customers rely on your phone lines to make a purchase, speak to customer services or make account payments, a drop in service could damage your business. Research has shown that reputational damage, loss of capital and customer detriment issues were major concerns. Therefore, ; landlines or mobile phones is easy with our online portal control. And providing yourself and staff with remote access to computer systems allows you to work from anywhere with customers remaining happy and never knowing there is an issue.

A common concern is the reliability and security of the Cloud. If something goes wrong, who will fix it? Is your data safe? At Telecoms World we utilise Disaster Recovery to ensure your business peace of mind.  This service is available to all of our non-geographic and. However, the level of service provided depends on the solutions selected.  Data is hosted in multiple locations to prevent any information being lost and to give your business the best possible service (and peace of mind). Our Cloud service is installed by professionals and is utilised by thousands of UK businesses. If you want to learn more about keeping your business operational, take a look our Connect Mobile product infomation.