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Have you set up incoming call forwarding?

September 5, 2019
Sam Hickmer

Unfortunately, we've likely seen the last of the summer sunshine and Autumn is fast approaching. Is your business prepared for managing calls during any bad weather spells?

Have you thought about a contingency plan should you need to divert calls at any point over the next few months? By investing in a cloud based telecoms solution, you can set up a Call Routing plan and save time, money and credibility in the future.

Is your business prepared for managing calls?

With a Telecoms World Call Routing solution, you can have complete peace of mind that every call will be answered in the event of bad weather disruptions, or if unforeseen circumstances have a big impact on your business.

Here’s how a Telecoms World Call Routing Solution can help:

  • Divert your business number to any UK landline or mobile phone number, for example, to a colleague to another office for them to capture your calls. You can set up further divert numbers, just in case the first divert number is engaged.
  • Configure your business opening hours (for example. 9am – 5pm), if calls are made outside of working hours, voicemail to email is activated instantly. This means any voicemail messages are saved as MP3 audio files and automatically sent to you in an email.  
  • You can log-in online 24/7 to manage your business number and divert calls. So, you can completely relax and enjoy your break, knowing that you’re in control with the ability to manage your business number/s from any PC, tablet or smartphone.  

These Call Routing features will give you the best chance of capturing every opportunity.

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