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How are you Managing your Video Conferencing?

May 7, 2019
Derek Read

Summary: What are the best practices for video conferencing to give great results? And are you aware of the modern way to conference?

When running a meeting, who walks straight into the room at the time the meeting is supposed to start and expects everything to be prepared?

You either check the meeting room yourself to ensure you have everything needed and that all equipment is working properly or have someone to check the room for you. You also wouldn’t lock the door the very moment you are ready to start talking. But these are some of the mistakes people often make when hosting a video conference.

It’s great having so many business tools that allow us to work smarter, such as online unified communications tools with video conferencing or screen sharing. But are they being used in the best possible way to give everyone a great experience?

Wildix Cloud PBX Video Conferencing

The Latest Video Conferencing with Wildix!

The modern way to conference with Wildix Cloud PBX allows you to be mid conversation on the phone, or any device, and switch to screen share. Instantly turn your voice call into a video call and seamlessy continue the conversation. Share files instantaneously and collaborate with your colleages and clients using the latest web-based, real-time solution.

  • Easy set-up with no additional hardware or software to install
  • Secure file share of audio, video and docs from browser to browser
  • HD video plus high audio quality with easy screen sharing
  • Integration on any device to take the conference with you
  • Easily invite participants by email to join the conference via a link

Wildix Video Conferencing guarantees the best audio and video quality. Start a video conference from the web interface with no additional hardware or software to install. Invite colleagues or external users at any time and choose whether to activate the conference in audio and video or audio-only mode. Perfect for desktop, tablet and mobile, video conferencing is available on all types of device.

"If you still need to set up a traditional conference, then as a presenter and a participant, there are some basic mistakes that you should try to avoid"

Test your Equipment

Things change daily and because equipment worked fine previously, doesn’t mean it will work again this time. Test your connections as they may have become disconnected, new software may affect audio or webcam quality or someone else may have used the equipment with a different set up to your current requirements. A simple check of all equipment in advance gives you the chance to address any potential issues.

Also, consider connecting your devices to a power supply as once you start your conference, webcam and audio equipment can vastly decrease battery life. I have seen, time and again, people saying things like “bear with me while I plug the battery into my computer”. I’ve done it myself and learned to be prepared in advance; don’t make the same mistake.

Be Early

Be ready for your conference before your participants join. Be early and join 5 minutes before its due to start so that you can welcome each participant as they arrive and the conference can commence promptly at the scheduled start time.

Consider your Surroundings

When running your initial tests, it’s an idea to turn on your webcam and look at how you will appear to participants. If you don’t have the ability to view yourself, then see if someone else can join you during testing and ask their opinion of your surroundings. When you host or join a video conference, it is ideal to have either a neutral background or some posters / banners with your business branding and not a view that might distract participants; this portrays a much more professional image.

What are the best practices for video conferencing to give great results?

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