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Call Insight = Business Success

February 12, 2018
Nicola Amis

For many
organisations, the data collated from marketing activities, staff insight
and client feedback, helps to support and grow their business. However, one area often
overlooked is the use of call data to truly understand client behaviours and the target audience. If
you could identify the trends in peak times for customer service calls, sales
trends in line with marketing campaigns and the areas across the UK where calls
arrive from; wouldn’t that also help you to improve spend, better allocate staff
resource and plan a future growth strategy?

7 in 10 businesses in the UK now use web analytics to manage
their digital activity; controlling and reviewing day to day traffic to their
website and their audience trends. From a telephony point of view, over 95% of
telecoms spend is allocated to hardware, system infrastructure and staff call
handling but, how do some of the leading SME’s and top tier organisations make
the most of call analytics to gain sales insight and strengthen their reporting
and growth?


We have outlined some of the unique cases that show their
challenges and how having further insight with

Call Analytics

A leading logistics organisation won a new contract to
handle stock for a major retailer. Their teams were busy handling calls,
controlling vehicles and meeting deadlines. Their existing phone system did not
offer any call data and could not be easily replaced/upgraded for their active
team of 50+ staff. So how did they gain understanding of the potential weak
points in their existing setup and how to manage staff levels to answer calls
around the clock once the new contract had begun?

By using one main virtual number for the planning team with

, provided an instant desktop and wallboard view of their calls.
This included a tally of incoming calls, missed calls, number of simultaneous
calls, heat maps for counties and branch depots, keypad options selected by the
caller, and a range of reports to help manage staff and the new contract calls.
The insight provided the perfect foundations to evolve the support teams and
handle stock in the most efficient way possible.

Understanding spend

A UK wide property developer required a top-line overview of
their incoming call data to all of their sites and wanted private, individual accounts
for the sales/marketing teams at each development. The goal was to understand
which sites required additional marketing spend from the point of launch using
sales enquiry calls to compare data on a site-by-site basis.
that were allocated for
each of the 520 area codes across the UK, the main office marketing team were
then able to monitor calls to each of the sites and the on-site team could then
report back based on show home views and tangible sales. This gave head office
a true understanding of the spend required to further promote each development
site and set a benchmark for high and low performing sites.


Insight to incoming calls

A leading call centre is often used to support the overflow
of high volume calls for ticket sale hotlines. However, occasionally, their own
call centre staff were unable to answer all incoming calls and needed a similar
backup overflow team. When their own call queues exceed expected durations or
the ratio of calls outnumbered their staff by 2 to 1; they have a team of home
workers that can log in and make themselves available to answer calls. But how
do they identify when to call on these home workers and how do they know if
they are handling the calls in a similar fashion to their team of desk based

The insight from their Call Analytics allows the management
team to identify call trends over a period of days, weeks and months. Using the
popularity of an event or act, the data can be reviewed and help present a
proposal for when additional staff are required and when the
. Each of the agents that worked from home were reported on
individually to measure call wait times and call durations for complete data
analysis and consistency.


Hopefully these cases are food for thought. If you feel that further Call Insight could support your business success then please do contact our
team on