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How to Boost Business UK-Wide with a Virtual Number

May 28, 2019
Nicola Amis

Did you know that you can create a presence in any UK town or city by choosing a variety of “local” virtual numbers?

Simply by looking at how far you may wish to travel for your business, you can select as many virtual geographic numbers within that radius and have all of those numbers diverted to your main business number - landline or mobile. This means your main business line and number stays the same whilst the additional geographic numbers simply all divert to the same phone.

Select the perfect Virtual Phone Number for your business

A company who has taken additional 01 / 02 Numbers is a skip company based in Orpington Kent. 47 calls were received during April 2016 from local customers but with a high demand to beat their sales figure in 2015, they invested in 5 additional 01/02 local numbers for the surrounding areas. In May they promoted these numbers in local advertising medias and Google promotions and by June, calls for the 3 months had increased to over 170 which really saw their business take-off­ and sales increase. In July Mobile Skips UK added a further 2 local numbers reaching towns within a 30 minute drive of their office premises and was their most successful month on record with an additional 76 calls through to their team. Mobile Skips UK used the following numbers: 01622 (Maidstone), 01959 (Westerham), 01732 (Sevenoaks), 01322 (Dartford), 0207 (Bromley),

“Marketing multiple local numbers has increased my sales 5-fold as I now receive orders from the surrounding areas. We divert all of these numbers to my main o­ffice landline number, which means managing these calls is really simple. The Call Analytics then allows me to track where these calls originate and I can regularly monitor my marketing campaigns and control my monthly advertising spend accordingly. This is the best telecoms service I have used in 27 years of business.” Geoff­ Hill. Mobile Skips UK

Consumers trust local numbers as they’re familiar and cheap to call and especially useful when seeking a business or service close to home. By using a range of local geographic numbers, your business becomes more appealing to potential customers in surrounding towns and cities. For instance, if you require a service you’re more likely to contact a business close to home than one in a nearby town.

With over 2 million geographic phone numbers to choose for your business, we also offer the perfect way to control and monitor your calls. Using the online systems, business owners and managers can set up schedules, voicemails, divert your business calls to any UK landline or mobile number. You do not need to be technical or require an engineer, easy-to-use controls to manage incoming calls 24/7.

Use the selection of 01/02 Numbers to advertise in Yellow Pages, Thomson Directories, local newspapers and other 'local' media. It has never been easier to expand your business reach! It’s simple to route your 01/02 Number to any UK landline or mobile of your choice. At the click of a button, calls are sent to the chosen target with no hassle or down time. Analytics for your numbers allows you to track the response to your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Finding the right type of number for your business is now simpler than ever. You don't choose one, you can choose many. With Telecoms World there are, so you can now promote your business in the local towns and cities.

Enhance your sales in areas local to your business.
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