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Are you reaping the benefits from your 0844 / 0871 Numbers?

April 17, 2018
Nicola Amis

Many telecom companies gain a rebate on customers calling your 0871 Numbers / 0844 Numbers but, some don’t pass this on to you or may pass on a minimal amount, meaning they keep a lot, if not all, of the money for themselves! Do you know what your telecoms provider offers?

0844 / 0871 Numbers

Telecoms World offer the highest rates in the UK of between 4-8p per minute which all goes to you. So a quick calculation of how many minutes you receive to your 0844 Number multiplied by at least 4p per minute, indicates the amount of rebate you could be earning! Maybe you already do receive a rebate on your numbers but do you know how much? We’ve come across many companies earning a rebate but not as much as they could with Telecoms World. One, for example, was happily taking home £600 a month with their current provider but discovered that our rates meant they could be earning £1200 a month by porting their existing number over! These additional funds could increase your company profit to be used in other areas of the business, maybe pay for additional staff, new equipment or purchase more stock.

Telephone number porting is the ability to change your service provider whilst keeping your existing telephone number which is a straightforward process if all the steps are carried out properly. Switching to Telecoms World allows you to keep your existing 08 number/s from a variety of carriers. When you're changing phone provider it can feel a little daunting at first, but it needn't be anything to worry about. We'll work with you to make sure it all goes smoothly and is done within 30 days; provided all the documentation is correct.

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