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7 Quick Tips for Marketing to help your Start-up Business

January 30, 2018
Nicola Amis

While signing up to Twitter and handing out flashy brochures is great, it won’t guarantee customers will be knocking down your door for your service. People are bombarded with thousands of messages every day, getting people to take notice of your business takes a little ingenuity. 

We have put together 7 top tips on some simple marketing to help you market your business and stand out from your competition.
7 top tips on some simple marketing to help you market your business
  1. Partner up with others
    Why not team up with other companies that offer complimentary services? Create a system that rewards both businesses with return customers to create long-lasting relationships. 

  2. Get to know your customer
    What else does your customer need? In today’s market the customer is saturated with messages and options. Ask your customers for feedback and provide them with a service that sets your business apart from the rest. 

  3. Jump on the bandwagon
    Take advantage of trending topics or stories. For example, if a company has come under criticism for not providing a valuable or genuine service then produce your own material discussing how your business can. 

  4. Use video
    Why not invest in video marketing? It’s often an overlooked medium, however websites such as Youtube generate huge virality at a low cost. Remember to be both creative and informative, no one wants to watch a video that will put them to sleep. 

  5. Contests and competitions
    We’re all suckers for a giveaway. Running a competition through your social media platforms is a great way to increase followers. Request a share or retweet for competition entry and gain maximum exposure for your buck. Ensure the prize will appeal to your target demographic and publicise it through all social media platforms. 

  6. Be your own advertising
    Create a moving billboard by advertising on your company cars. 

  7. Gauge your success
    The success of traditional marketing methods such as television advertisements and flyers is harder to quantify than digital marketing. It’s difficult to count the number of people who have seen your adverts, or quantify which method is the most effective and brings the highest ROI. 

Effective marketing can be the difference between success and failure for a small business. You have to be sure every effort, no matter how small, is well-planned and flawlessly executed. There are so many ways available to promote your business but you may be worried about the cost in doing so, especially if there’s little or no return on investment. However, there are plenty of ways to effectively market your business for little or no cost.

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