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5 Tips to Help You Work Productively and Successfully from Home

March 11, 2020
Nicola Amis

Working from home can be great for so many reasons. Not having to commute to the office saves time and money and can actually make you happier. A range of cloud communication tools make it really simple to communicate and collaborate instantaneously with colleagues. And if you want to work in pyjamas, work from bed or on the sofa with your feet up, you can!

But there can also be challenges. How do you avoid distractions from things like domestic duties? How to ensure you’re not distracted and complete tasks? How do you get anything done!

We’ve outlined 5 top tips to making home working a success.

We’ve outlined 5 top tips to making home working a success.

1. Set a schedule for the day

Whether it’s your own list of priorities based on overall KPIs or an agreed task list with your manager; having a schedule of works for the day, and ensuring they get done, can help you achieve your goals and feel productive in your home environment. It could mean that other distractions or household chores are not actually a problem if you’ve completed your tasks.

2. Take breaks through the day

It’s important to have breaks throughout the day to switch off from work. Whether you stop to take a full lunch hour and watch some TV, read a newspaper or listen to the radio. It could even be an idea to go for a walk around the block or sit out in the garden listening to the birds; any form of break away from your desk can really help your mental well-being.

3. Create a comfortable environment

Working from home allows you to work anywhere remotely, but it’s advisable to be somewhere that you can work comfortably and productively. Invest in a comfy chair and desk, unless you’re happy to sit at your dining table or breakfast bar. The local coffee shop can also be an option if there’s not too many distractions; alternatively, the library offers a good option with Wi-Fi, desks and a quiet environment.

4. Don't arrange non-work appointments during the day

Popping to the dentist, hairdresser, beauty salon or any other non-work-related locations can disrupt your day and mean you lose focus. You’ll find it harder to get back in to work mode if you’re stop/starting through the day. Try to arrange these on non-workdays or at either end of the day and focus on getting your tasks completed.

5. Keep in touch with colleagues

Working at home can sometimes be isolating and it’s nice to still feel part of the team. Try to make regular contact with colleagues, either via email, phone calls, video conference or on a chat app. Making a point to stay in touch with your co-workers ensures you can all stay up-to-date on progress to meet company KPIs and ascertain if anyone needs help completing any tasks. It’s also a good opportunity for some social chat and maintains a good relationship with your peers.