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5 things you need to know about the BT Copper to Fibre switch

January 5, 2020
Charlotte Devoir

As you may be aware, BT Openreach is closing the Copper Wire Telephone Network for homes and business premises across the UK. A lot of businesses are panicking and signing up for expensive telephone plans when they do not need to. This blog outlines the facts, your next steps and how Telecoms World can help.

BT Copper to Fibre Switch

1. What is changing and why?

By the year 2025, BT Openreach plan to shut down the ageing Copper Wire Telephone Network and replace it with a Fibre Optic Broadband Network. One of the main reasons for this change is because the download speeds that users experience with a Copper Network is widely dependant on how far away their premises is from the phone exchange. Reliability is also an issue, with connections dropping out very easily. Fibre Connectivity transmits data quicker, has fewer reliability issues and also allows more flexibility because of its breadth and speed. This means the user can do more; cloud computing, video conferencing, internet phone calls etc.

2. When is the switch happening?

The rollout of Fibre Optic Broadband has taken longer than anticipated, but BT Openreach has announced that Copper will be phased out altogether by 2025. This is a massive project and it will have a knock-on effect for businesses, this is why BT Openreach has announced their plans over six years in advance, to allow businesses enough time to prepare for the BT Copper switch off.

3. What do you need to do now?

Check your current phone system, understand what you have got and how it works. It's a good idea to start researching the benefits of moving to web-based telephony and what other alternatives are available.

4. What are the options available to you?

There are various phone systems available to your business, including VoIP, Cloud PBX and SIP. Do your research and get advice on what is the best option for your business based on your current telephone set up.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) runs your phone system over the internet. You don't need a phone line to be able to implement VoIP, but you will need a reliable and robust internet connection. Telecoms World can test the speed and stability of your internet connection and determine if it can support VoIP. Once VoIP is set up, you can make calls from your desktop PC, laptop, mobile and tablet.

The benefits of VoIP - Quick to set up, cheaper call costs and it is a scalable solution for businesses of any size.

What is Cloud PBX?
Cloud PBX is a secure and reliable phone system that runs over the internet and is suitable for any size of organisation. It is not just a phone system; Cloud PBX unifies all communications and is the perfect option for businesses looking to future-proof and streamline processes. Cloud PBX has 12 different functions which are accessible from a mobile, computer and desk phone, including; call, email, SMS, screen sharing, video calling, file transferring and much more.

The benefits of Cloud PBX - Reduce communication costs by up to 50%, low maintenance charges and it is hosted in the cloud.

What is SIP?
If you are a small to medium size business and have a current phone system that works well for your needs, you can keep your existing telephone set up using SIP Trunking. The SIP Trunking will sit between the copper wire and convert the connection to enable it to work with your current phone system. This is an ideal solution if you have recently invested in hardware but want to future-proof your business.

The benefits of SIP - FREE on-net calls between departments, it is cheaper when compared with traditional ISDN lines and incredibly easy to move or divert fixed lines anywhere, regardless of location.

5. Your next steps

Get in touch with Telecoms World on freephone 0800 774 7772 and speak with one of our experts who will be able to explore your options further.

BT Copper to Fibre switch

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