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5 Challenges Telecoms Can Help to Solve

October 25, 2018
Samuel Diamond

We’ve all heard the term; communication is key. This two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, (in which the sender and the receiver not only exchange information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning), is what makes telecommunications so effective.

Telecommunications is an important element of a customer service strategy. For companies such as national charities, whose aim it is to help raise awareness, provide care and support, and work to improve the lives of those affected, telecommunication can work wonders.

The most successful charities already understand that communications are anything but peripheral. After all, when communications are made central to what an organisation is and does, they – and their mission – thrive.

5 Challenges Telecoms Can Help to Solve

Comms are recognised by many organisations as a core way to increase engagement tangibly and measurably with customers. But as with any core business tools, there are often challenges that arise that require a swift solution. So, what are the common challenges found in charity communications and how can telecoms help to solve them?

Telecoms solutions

Challenge 1: Poor Insight into Call Patterns

A common challenge for many charitable organisations is the lack of insight they have into their call patterns, making it tricky for them to ensure they have the relevant staff coverage at busy times.

Solution: In-Depth Call Analytics

Call Analytics can help to give greater insight into call patterns and call locations, helping many charities to better manage staffing levels in their call centre/s.

With detailed information about where calls are coming from, the busiest days, and busiest times of day, charities can better manage how many staff they need manning the phones, thereby preventing long wait times for callers.  

Challenge 2: Lengthy and Forgettable Numbers

Lengthy and forgettable numbers unfortunately reduce call numbers. This is because supporters want a specific phone number that they know and trust to call through to and make donations.

Solution: Memorable 0800 Numbers

For charity organisations, as with many other businesses, a memorable 0800 Number can prove extremely beneficial for a main call centre, significantly increasing call numbers.

Challenge 3: Struggling to Manage Call Overflow

Charitable foundations often need to be able to divert calls to alternative numbers to manage overflow productively, as well as have the flexibility for calls to be answered by teams or individuals and work as if they had stayed in the same location. Struggling to manage call overflow effectively can result in losing calls, not to mention frustrated customers.

Solution: Smart Call Routing

Smart Call Routing works by diverting calls seamlessly at the touch of a button with no engineers required. Online portal access can re-route calls on demand, ensuring customers are passed from one department, or office, to another effortlessly.

Challenge 4: Poor Call Management

Poor call management can often cause serious damage not only internally, but at a customer service level. Blaming poor call management on individual agents when performance metrics aren’t reaching your call centre goals is not the best approach.

Solution: Call Management System

Effective management of a number through an online Call Management system can ensure charitable organisations are well equipped to manage their calls 24/7. By being able to route calls through to specific target numbers and reviewing incoming call statistics via an easy-to-use online system, companies can analyse their metrics trends and look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on individual agents.

Challenge 5: Costly Phone Numbers

When expecting a positive response from campaigns, not to mention donations from supporters, a low-cost, or better still, a freephone number for your customers to call is the least you can provide. There’s nothing more off-putting about making a call, than being charged a hefty fee for doing so.

Solution: Freephone 0300 Numbers

0300 Numbers are exclusively for the use of charities and not-for-profit organisations. Being a free number for callers means that everyone can call without any difficulty. Telecoms World have access to thousands of Freephone 0300 Numbers, which are exclusively for use by charities and not-for-profit organisations. The 0300 Number we provide is free to call from any phone (including mobiles).

How Telecoms World Can Help…

Using old tools, pricey and lengthy phone numbers, and poor technology can lower productivity and performance within charity communications. Taking the time to research the right tools to match the needs of your organisation is therefore, most definitely a worthwhile task.

At Telecoms World PLC, we can help provide your organisation with the right tools… We enable businesses like yours to become better communicators. We have over 15 years of industry experience, we’re a leading supplier of Hosted Phone Systems and we work with businesses from SME’s to Corporates, so if you’re looking to re-evaluate your telecoms tools, look no further.