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Don't let your network slow down your business

24/7 monitoring of the backbone of your IT systems

Monitoring and resolution of network issues
Protection against cyber attacks
Bandwidth management for maximum speed
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Don't let your network slow you down

Many businesses forget about the importance of their network, the network infrastructure is one of the most important aspects of your IT estate.  It carries critical data to and from your business but when disaster strikes it can carry malicious data throughout your network causing serious damage to your network and reputation.  World Tech have the expertise to help minimise the risk of infection, data loss and data theft and with GDPR compliance becoming increasingly important your business cannot afford to ignore these risks.

secure your network

Installing network security is essential in todays digital environment, you need to protect unwanted intrusion from getting into your environment and stop confidential data from leaving your network.  World Tech use technology from a number of leading security vendors to achieve this, fully supported, managed and monitored 24/7.

Bandwidth Management

Using intelligent bandwidth shaping we ensure your network performance is at its optimum levels.  With our network support service we look at your current network setup and make recommendations as to how we can improve performance and security.

Network Anomalies & Risk Scoring

Automatically detect anomalous behaviour, automatically contains any malware causing issues and stops the activity safeguarding your data and network.  Real-time risk scoring helps identify issues within your network infrastructure.

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The benefits of using World Tech Network Support services

24/7 monitoring

We put systems in place to monitor your network 24/7, responding to and resolving issues before they impact your business.


With a UK based team of experts we are best positioned to provide support to your business, we can be onsite within hours if required.

multisite and mobile support

Ability to support multiple networks in multiple geographical locations including your mobile workforce.

leading security vendors

World Tech carefully select technology vendors to work with bringing clients the latest cutting edge technology.

increase efficiency

Having network support in place means that your network is running at its optimum level, all measures that are introduced minimise downtime.

control overheads

With our fixed price services you wont receive any suprise charges, we believe in a fully inclusive fixed price service.