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Centralized management in the cloud
Data Privacy & Protection Compliance
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Essential Web Gateway Security

It's all there – core secure web gateway (SWG) functionality including content filtering across all ports and protocols (TCP and UDP), real-time malware detection and response, behavioral analysis, cloud apps and social media controls, bandwidth optimization and more.  You’ll get the fastest, most scalable SSL decryption with micro segmentation to selectively decrypt based on content, device, user, or group.

Securing Distributed Networks

Web gateways are your first and last line of cyber defense, scanning all traffic for malware as it enters your organization, and for potentially sensitive data as it leaves. With more employees working outside of HQ, it’s getting harder to secure all that traffic efficiently. The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform is the first and only web gateway as a service, uniquely designed with revolutionary node-based architecture. No appliance purchases or backhauling of data. No ripping apart your existing network.

Advanced Malware Protection

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform leads the industry when it comes to Advanced Malware Protection, referencing top reputation defense and signature databases alongside our own proprietary malware registry to analyze and identify threats. These features leverage advanced content analysis and sandboxing capabilities to inspect all user-downloaded files, giving organizations the insight they need to determine whether specific files pose a threat and to act accordingly if so.

Advanced Threat Protection

The cybersecurity threat landscape today is constantly evolving, and the viruses and malware that pose the greatest risk to network security can’t be thwarted by just one or even two methods. That’s why the iboss Distributed Gateway Platform deploys a slew of signature- and behavior-based approaches to assure networks remain secure, helping customers defend their data today while keeping an eye toward future attacks.

The benefits of using a secure web gateway

Advanced Threat Protection

Our cloud secure web gateways combine a proprietary malware registry with industry-best signature databases to deliver signature-based malware prevention and breach detection.

Data Privacy & Protection Compliance

Our gateways were created with regulatory compliance in mind, not to mention the ability to deliver the necessary protections across applications and device type.

Centralized management in the cloud

Because our secure web gateway features are all inclusive, users can manage their network security from a central console. This assures seamless policy management across all locations and users from a fully-responsive, single pane of glass.

Built-in Detection and Analysis

Our DLP solution employs advanced detection engines that can quickly flag the transfer of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), credit card numbers and stripe data – among other content types – before it exits the network.

Support for Mobile Devices

The First Web Gateway Solution Designed for the Distributed World.  Adding or removing devices can be done seamlessly, as users can integrate their accounts

Regulatory Compliance

With an array of new laws and regulations the world over putting a greater emphasis on data protection and privacy, including the wide-ranging General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union, all organizations need to shift focus to ensuring they are compliant.