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Monitoring & Management are essential to network security

24/7 Management with our endpoint management

Self healing ability against endpoint issues
Key service monitoring and alerts
Insight into your IT infrastructure
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Full IT Management, Monitoring and Support

A key component to a secure IT infrastructure is management, monitoring and support, this is a proactive method to ensuring that if your network does get compromised then the threat is detected and eliminated as quickly as possible.  Our endpoint management solution is constantly monitoring and alerting our UK support team to any issues that arise.

self healing

Our endpoint management software can be preset to take action against issues giving self healing ability.  Our endpoint management will monitor every aspect of your device including your anti virus and anti malware and alert us if your system is compromised.

Critical Updates

Ensuring that critical updates are deployed in a timely fashion is essential to keeping your endpoints secure.  With endpoint management we can deploy updates and report on devices that have successfully installed, failed or pending.  This technology provides insight into your IT infrastructure that isnt normally available to non-technical staff.

Cyber Security Alerts

Our endpoint management agent will continuosly monitor your security software for license issues, threats or if it is uninstalled.  As soon as any of these events occur our support team will be notified and the appropriate action can be taken.

The benefit of using endpoint mangement

24/7 UK Based support

Our UK based team are managing and monitoring your systems 24 hours a day, if an issue is flagged then the appropriate action is taken.

Support any device

World Tech Endpoint Management management can be deployed and monitor any device on your network.

multi site support

We can support organisations on a single site or mutliple sites, we can implement an upgrade schedule to ensure all sites are compliant.


From the one man business to a large corporate company our endpoint managment provides the same level of protection no matter the size of your business.

Mobile Support

If you have mobile devices we can implement a mobile device managment solution to monitor and manage your mobile estate.


We are monitoring your infrastructure so we know when failure occurs, we can help plan what action to take in the event of a disaster.