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Full-Scale Business Antivirus Security at an affordable price

Managed Antivirus for the modern business

No time consuming updates or slow scans
Lightweight installation, only 15mb of space required
Secure browsing with real-time anti-phishing included
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Cloud based Endpoint protection for your business

World Tech's cloud based endpoint protection keeps your users safe across all stages of a cyberattack.  Our easy to install, always up to date virus protection scans 135 times faster than Sophos, requires 40 times less disk space than Bitdefender and uses less memory than all competitors.  Take our 30 day free trial to see for yourself, it will run alongside your current anti virus protection without causing any issue.

Managed anti virus protection

Do you currently know if someone in your organisation gets a virus? With our managed solution we get notified when a threat is detected, the file that it has impacted and the virus details.  The UK based team at World Tech can then monitor your devices to ensure the virus doesnt spread and that any remediation that is required is completed.

Multi-vector protection

Our antivirus protection will protect your devices against threats from email, web browsers, files, URLs, ads and applications in real time.  World Tech's Endpoint protection uses advanced behavioral heuristics to identify and protect against never-before-seen threats.

Undo the damage

Journaling and rollback features to restore files to their uninfected state, so you don't have to reimage your PC, this feature is particularly useful in the event of a ransomware attack.

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The benefits of using World Tech's Endpoint Security Protection

Multi-vector protection

Protects against threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more in real time.

Deep learning intelligence

Uses a layered approach to global threat intelligence to continually refine and enhance classification accuracy.

Zero-hour security

Uses advanced behavioral heuristics to identify and protect against never-before-seen threats.

Fast deployment & scans

<1 MB client deploys and scans in seconds and is always up-to-date, without bulky updates or definitions.

No conflicts

Runs alongside other security software. No need to uninstall existing protection just to give us a try.

Industry-leading EFFICIENCY

Secures endpoints with 100% efficiecy over a 24-hour period, as shown in independent tests by MRG Effitas.