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Stop the spread of Malware to prevent any impact to your business

Multiple solutions to detect, remove, protect and educate

Protect your network with award winning anti-malware software
Protect your endpoints with our anti-malware software
Educate your users with our security awareness training
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Detect Malware, Remove Malware, Prevent Malware

World Tech have partnered with the leading cyber security vendors to bring you solutions to effectively protect your business against cyber threats, no matter what size business you have we have a solution that can protect you against this growing threat.  We offer protection at mutlple levels including your network boundary, endpoints and during your backups.  Another major protection method that most businesses forget is education of users, we have compiled an ongoing training module which will educate users to be vigilant and not open content which could contain malware.

endpoint malware protection

Protect your PCs, Macs and Mobile with World Tech's endpoint cyber security software, our award winning security software protects your devices against all types of malware, phishing and ransomware.  Endpoint protection is the very minimum protection that you should have installed in your business.

Secure Web Gateway

A secure web gateway is the best way to stop malware from getting into your network and unauthorised data access from taking data out of your network.  Our cloud secure web gateways combine a proprietary malware registry with industry-best signature databases to deliver signature-based malware prevention and breach detection.

GDPR Compliance

Protecting your business and your customers data is a legal requirement.  The security vendors that we work with provide the very best solutions to protect your data and your customers data.  We can implement rules to stop data leaving your network in the event of an attack.

The Benefits of World Tech Cyber Security Solutions

24/7 UK BAsed support

Our cyber security team works 24/7 monitoring and managing networks to ensure that any security issues are swiftly resolved.

Monthly REporting

Get insight into what is happening across your network and endpoints with access to security reporting.

Strategic vendor partnerships

We have partnered up with multiple vendors to ensure that the very best technology is being implemented to protect your business


From the one man business in a single city to UK wide organisations. We have a solution to protect your business from growing cyber threats.

Multiple device support

Our solutions can be implemented on any device so we can fully protect your network even if you have remote workers.


Our cyber security solutions have disaster recovery built in so you can ensure that you are fully protected across every aspect of your business.