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Understand your IT infrastructre

Identify what hardware and software you have within your office and how to best acheive your goals

Identify unused software licenses
Plan for hardware refresh projects
Identify security holes in your IT infrastructre
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Get a full inventory of your entire hardware estate including age, warranty status, serial numbers and much more.  A hardware inventory will allow you to plan hardware refresh either as a project or a long term program.  Most companies without any inventory solution in place lose sight of their companies hardware which introduces a number of risks to the company.

Get a full audit of your companies entire IT estate for purposes of insurance, compliance and security

Allows your business to plan hardware refresh cycles without any suprise expenses

Stay compliant with industry specific certifications


Often harder to identify than hardware is a software inventory, get an overview of what software is installed on each device, including licence information.  This information is essential in large software rollouts of if you are looking to standardise your environment.

Audit of software on a per device basis allowing for upgrades to be planned

Identify unwanted software or unauthorised software installations

Inventory of software licenses for a number of vendors, this information can be vital when recycling devices


Identify devices that do not meet your companies security standards, this information is vital to ensuring that you devices are compliant.  Gain an overview of which devices do not have security software installed, have malicous software and which have or have not received the relevant security updates.

Audit to identify which devices have security software installed

Ensure devices are compliant and have the correct security updates and hotfixes installed

Evidence that your company is providing the necessary measures to comply with GDPR regulations