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Protect your business with the best data protection and disaster recovery

Automatic backup for your virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments

Total data protection
Automatic managed cloud backup
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Data is everywhere.  Protecting it is everything.

Your business runs 365 days a year, your systems runs 24/7, your data is needed in real time.  To ensure business continuity we proactively protect your systems and data against disasters of all types.  Businesses with a disaster recovery plan report increased savings, enhanced system reliability and improved security even without a disaster.  Don't fail to plan, only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster.

Cost efficient, scalable business continuity and online backup

Seamless Cloud Backup

Safely send data to our ultra-secure local datacenters using our centralized management console.

Flexible Data Recovery

Backup and restore anything - from a single file to an entire server.  Backup locally and in the cloud with flexible backup schedules.

Ultra-fast Disaster Recovery

Get back up & running in minutes or if on our premium service we can virtualize your server within 6 seconds for seamless business contiunity.

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Complete Backup. Complete piece of mind

Get your systems backed up and save data from simply being stored on a single machine. At World Tech we are experts in backing up everything easily and restore your systems fast. Besides, backup archive, disk cloning and file sync are also included.

Backup entire system/disk/file periodically and get recovered without worrying about reinstalling when system crash occurs. Capable of restoring important data or information fast when disaster happens and get business back to work in no time. data backup software conducts full/incremental/differential/schedule backups for the best overall performance of specific system environment.

Benefits of our business continuity and disaster recovery

predicatable billing

With our fixed fee packages you will receive no suprise bills, this helps you to manage budget and cashflow

Replacement & warranty

If one of our devices fails we will replace the device free of charge

ransomware detection

Our devices come with ransomware detection alerting you to a ransomware infection


Data is availble to restore anytime allowing for easy recovery of a single file or entire server


Data is stored in highly secure datacentres in the country of origin, all data is encrypted to and from the datacentre


IT disasters are costly, World Tech offer cost effective solutions to protect your business against threats