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Tezenis UK

"World Tech have been supplying and supporting our IT and telecoms for the past 2 years, often making last minute requests but we are always confident that they will deliver" Stephen Field, Calzedonia UK Director


Calzedonia is an Italian fashion brand, founded in Verona in 1987 and with over 1,750 shops and 26,000 staff worldwide.  Calzedonia grew from strength to strength and now the group also owns Intimissimi, Tezenis, Falconeri and Atelier Emé labels. The Group distinguishes itself through its advertising, with major media campaigns and selections of the best photographers and top models. All sales are through onebrand stores that are managed either directly, as franchises or by foreign distributors, all hailing global success.

The Challenge

After spending £2 million on a refurbishment and expansion of their UK flagship store situated in Oxford Circus, London, a launch event was organised. Tezenis needed to setup a stage and production environment for a live Facebook streaming event with singer Rita Ora. Due to the nature of a live streaming event, Tezenis were concerned that their internet connectivity wouldn’t be suitable to handle the large amount of data and would failed. They also had a requirement for Wifi access throughout the store for the production team, Rita Ora’s team and a selfie booth.

World Tech Solution

As World Tech already provide a high speed fibre connection to Calzedonia we could assure them that the bandwidth was suitable for the event. However, we did understand that a backup was a necessity as an outage was not an option.  World Tech implemented a 4G business grade solution equivalent, to a fibre leased line, and a load balancing router was installed to provide automatic failover in the event of broadband outage.  The requirement for the Wifi was only given on the day of the event but as World Tech hold failover equipment we were easily able to install a temporary Wifi network consisting of four Wifi access points, providing the coverage that was required.  The event went smoothly with Rita Ora performing her 30 minute live performance streamed on the Tezenis Facebook page. Tezenis were extremely grateful for our support before and during the event.


Tezenis were able to live stream the Rita Ora event without any technical issues.  The guest wifi element of the WiFi setup meant that Tezenis gained some crucial marketing data for future marketing purposes.  The success of the WiFi at the event has meant that Tezenis have signed upto an expansion of the guest WiFi and made it a permanent feature within the Oxford Circus store.

Customer Requirements
  • High Speed Internet Upload
  • Guest WiFi
  • Failover High Speed Internet
  • Technical Support
Solution Components
  • Fibre Leased Line
  • Guest WiFi Access Points
  • 4G High Speed Failover
  • 24 Hour IT Support