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SET for Business

More features, more flexibility, more sales


SET for Business are a tech company who provide a powerful and intuitive CRM system at a low fixed cost per user price.  SET have experienced tremendous growth over the last 2 years due to their CRM system consistently out performing competitors on price, functionality and support.

The Challenge

SET for Business have a great product but to sell it people need to know about it, SET spend a lot of time attending trade shows to market their product but were looking for opportunities to further their exposure through the use of technology.

World Tech Solution

We implemented our guest WiFi solution as a way to provide further exposure to guests at trade shows, in addition to this we also provided a high speed 4G M2M connection meaning SET were not reliant on any venue to provide internet connectivity for the guest WiFi to function.  Support was also an element that would be required and World Tech’s team of engineers can assist in issues and updates to the guest WiFi portal implementing changes in seconds.


SET for business now have a WiFi guest hotspot in a box, able to switch it on anytime and anywhere to broadcast their name and product to reach 100’s of additional potential clients.  With the ability to harvest user data from the data capture methods within the system SET can now market their product to more users than ever before.

Customer Requirements

  • Internet     Connectivity
  • Guest     WiFi
  • Support
  • WiFi     Hardware

Solution Components

  • 4G     M2M Connection
  • Guest     WiFi Solution
  • WiFi     Access Points
  • Expert     Support