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Ossett Albion Association Football Club

The Evo-Stik League


Ossett Albion Football Club originated in 1944 when a group of schoolboys decided to form a team to play in the local football leagues in and around the Heavy Woollen area covering mainly Ossett, Dewsbury and Batley.  In those early days they could hardly have envisaged that 73 years later their club would still be going strong and competing in the higher echelons of Non-League football. A football club having its origins during the Second World War is not unique to Ossett Albion but it is obviously a fairly rare occurrence.

The Challenge

Ossett Albion needed better WiFi coverage and also required some form of guest WiFi solution for the clubhouse, the club don’t have a huge budget so were keen to learn what was available to them.

World Tech Solution

The solution we provided is a high powered mid range Cambium access point which provides a very good range, can handle a large number of concurrent users and manage high bandwidth.  In addition the the hardware we have also implemented a guest WiFi solution which allows the club to collect user data and market products and promotions to a wider audience.  Opportunities also exist which allows the club to sell advertising space on the guest WiFi.


Ossett Albion now have WiFi with great coverage and speed for club management and for guest’s.  The guest WiFi element can generate a great return on investment which can then be used to reinvest into the club.


Customer Requirements

  • WiFi     coverage
  • Guest     WiFi
  • Private     WiFi
  • Controlled     Costs

Solution Components

  • Cambium     WiFi Access Point
  • Remote     Support
  • Guest     WiFi Solution