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Letts Wealth Management

Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management


As representatives of St. James's Place Wealth Management, Letts Wealth Managements service includes the provision of advice covering the areas of protection, investment planning, retirement strategies and Inheritance Tax planning.  With over 35 years worth of combined experience and working as a Chartered Practice Letts Wealth Management see their approach as one of problem-solving for the client - rather than product-selling. As a result, their clients can expect to receive the most comprehensive and appropriate advice at all times.

The Challenge

Letts Wealth Management required a telephony and internet solution to suit their current business and expansion plans.  Due to the business being a new venture a new phone number and new internet connection were required urgently to coincide with the move into their offices.

World Tech Solution

The solution we provided was a hosted VoIP solution, this provided a cost effective package to cater for their current staff and any expansion plans that were required in the future.  Due to the nature of their business mobility was important, as part of the hosted VoIP solution we implemented a mix of handsets and softphones allowing staff to make and receive calls remotely but still from their new phone system.  For the VoIP system to work effectively a stable internet would be required, after checking their location details we identified that FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) was available in their area, an installation was arranged for a VoIP prioritised FTTC connection which would be more than capable of handling their voice and data traffic.


Letts Wealth Management were able to move into their new business premises with a fully working internet and voice solution and the added benefit and flexibility of have softphones on their mobiles.  Letts Wealth Management now have a solution that caters for their current requirements plus the ability to expand as and when they require, due to having an additional call package they also have a very predictable monthly bill.


Customer Requirements

  • Internet     Connectivity
  • Phone     Solution
  • Flexibility
  • Controlled     Costs

Solution Components

  • FTTC     Internet Connectivity
  • Hosted     VoIP Solution
  • Call     Package
  • Expert     Support