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We are proud to work with a wide range of businesses across the UK

Our client range in size and industry sector, "Everyone is important to us" and we handle every client with care

All types of business... Car Competitions, Lingerie Stores, House Builders, Print & Display

We were recommended to BOTB by another client, we were tasked with extending their current office network into the neighbouring. In addition to this we have migrated BOTB from a traditional PBX system to a VoIP system and are currently migrating BOTB to Office 365 and incorporating their Microsoft Azure platform. BOTB use our IT support services on an ad-hoc basis.

World Tech have been working with Calzedonia for the past 24 years, we started our relationship with them when tasked with designing and installing a new network infrastructure for their London office. After the successful installation we have gone on to provide IT support, Wifi solutions, Consultancy, VoIP phone system and internet connectivity services across their stores.

World Tech have been providing ad-hoc support for Bellway's telecoms setup for the past 2 years. Helping with a number of new office setups we have successfully implemented network installations and hosted VoIP setup. Bellway Homes are utlising a number of our cloud hosted Wifi access points to provide a fast, reliable fully managed wireless network.

After successfully installing a hosted VoIP system for Keyboard Group we have now been asked to assist in setting up a disaster recovery solution for their current internet connectivity, due to the nature of some of the work that Keyboard Group undertakes we have had to plan, implement and test this solution outside of normal working hours to efficiently test the failover.

When Burns & German first contacted us they were a new start up who had no domain, email address or IT setup in place, we provided them with the expertise to help start their business with the correct technology. We opted for the scalable Microsoft Office 365 solution to host and manage email and utilise One Drive for Business and Sharepoint for their data collaboration requirements.

IKP have been a client for the last 7 years, during this time we have created and followed a technology roadmap to help IKP achieve their technology goals. We provide IKP with a fully outsourced IT department supporting multiple offices and monitoring their systems with our endpoint management product. Recently we have implemented a hosted cyber security (anti virus and anti malware) solution.